Welcome to Princeton Students for Gender Equality's online forum for feminist writing and art! (*We went for the pun, but submissions from people of all genders are welcome)

“What About Us? (A Manifesto)” by Nazifa Chowdhury ’20

Our identities shape the way we perceive and are perceived by the world: I am a woman so I can see the systems of patriarchy embedded in our histories, our institutions, and in our daily lived experiences. Being a woman... Continue Reading →


“The Issei Women of Hawaii: Holehole Bushi and Gender Dynamics on the Sugar Plantations,” by Natalie Stein ’21

(Natalie Stein '21 wrote this as a final paper for WRI 159, with Professor Maria Medvedeva.) If I fight with my husband I can be with you So let’s start this brawl The sooner the better[1]   When people, including Japanese... Continue Reading →

“Man Down: What Science Says about Gender-Inclusive Language,” by Katherine Giordano ’18

“Princeton scrubs ‘men’ from campus.” “‘Gender Inclusive’ Princeton Becomes No Man’s Land.” “Princeton HR department: Don’t use word ‘man.’” What happened to warrant such an explosion of the press? In March of 2015, Princeton's Office of Human Resources published "Guidelines for Using Gender... Continue Reading →

“Female Sexual Dysfunction: A Quest for Pink Viagra and ‘Normalcy,'” by Katherine Giordano ’18

Introduction Our society loves sex and, apparently, pathologizing sex. We deem unhealthy both hypoactive and hyperactive levels of sexuality, i.e. anything atypical. But when did deviation become dysfunction? Is there truly a “typical” sexuality? Libidos and sexual activity vary widely... Continue Reading →

“‘Before Anything Else I am a Black Woman’: The Intersectionality of Black Feminists from Reconstruction to the Post-Civil Rights Era,” by Mikaela Gerwin ’19

Regarding the potentially gendered wording of the Fourteenth Amendment, Sojourner Truth, perhaps the most famous black female activist of her time, declared in an 1867 speech in New York, “if colored men get their rights and not colored women theirs,... Continue Reading →

“Mother Knows Best?: The Conflicting Rhetoric of the Women’s Suffrage Movement,” by Risa Gelles-Watnick ’21

(Risa Gelles-Watnick wrote this as a final paper for WRI 134 with Professor Wright.) “Public speech shall be men’s concern.”[1] In many cultures around the world, the use of rhetoric in front of an audience was traditionally reserved only for... Continue Reading →

“Arthur Horton’s Fight Against Coeducation at Princeton: An Unsuccessful but Crucial Battle,” by Kate Reed ’19

(Kate Reed '19 wrote this paper for FRS 131 with Professor Nancy Malkiel.) In June of 1967, the trustees of Princeton University authorized an extensive, and ultimately pivotal, study of the advisability and feasibility of undergraduate coeducation. Gardner Patterson, professor... Continue Reading →

“Eve Before Adam,” by Sofia Pauca ’21

(Sofia Pauca '21 wrote this paper for HUM 218-219. It opens with a passage from Paradise Lost.) That day I oft remember, when from sleep I first awak’d, and found myself repos’d                                                                    450 Under a shade on flowers; much wond’ring... Continue Reading →

“Why Weasels? An Exploration of the Weasel Interlude in Marie de France’s Eliduc,” by Sofia Pauca ’21

(Sofia Pauca '21 wrote this paper for HUM 216-217.) Across the floor a weasel leapt;                       1032 beneath the altar it had been; over the body it had run. The squire had hit it, knocked it down with a stick, killed... Continue Reading →

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