Welcome to Princeton Students for Gender Equality's online forum for feminist writing and art! (*We went for the pun, but submissions from people of all genders are welcome)

“Princetonian Exceptionalism and Attitudes Toward Sexual Assault,” by Marni Morse ’17

  (Marni Morse '17 wrote this as a final paper for GSS 201.) “And then, at the bottom of the article, after I learned about the graphic details of my own sexual assault, the article listed his swimming times. She... Continue Reading →

“In Her Own Right: Female Political Actors and the Limitations of Propriety in the Late Republic,” by Alyssa Finfer ’19

(Alyssa Finfer '19 wrote this paper for CLA/HIS 218: The Roman Republic.) According to Rome’s historians, Roman women[1] have been participating in political life since the city’s legendary origin. Livy, for instance, recounts how the Sabine women intervened to end... Continue Reading →

“Bad Habits: Monstrous Nuns, from the Foucauldian Theatre of Punishment to the Irish Movie Theatre,” by Annabel Barry ’19

(Annabel Barry '19 wrote this paper for WRI 143: Sex on the Brain.) In 2002, Irish filmmaker Peter Mullan released The Magdalene Sisters, an old-fashioned Hollywood-style prison movie fictionalizing a tragic historical reality that had long been elided. From the... Continue Reading →

“Princeton Students Tackle Gender Inequality Through Menstruation: About Bloody Time,” by Addie Gilson ’19

(Addie Gilson '19 wrote this op-ed for her Psychology of Gender class.) Over the past few weeks, Princeton Students have taken strides to gain gender equality as it pertains to menstruation. On November 18th, Princeton Students for Gender Equality (PSGE)... Continue Reading →

“The Difficulties of Gender Inclusion,” by Kyle Duffey ’19

(Kyle Duffey '19 wrote this for GSS 201: Introduction to Gender and Sexuality Studies.) There exists an often obvious inequality between men and women when viewing the ways in which women are incorporated into previously male environments.  This is, to... Continue Reading →

“Genesis’ Tamar: The Bible’s Most Sex-Positive Feminist?” by Ananya Malhotra ’20

  (Ananya Malhotra '20 wrote this paper for HUM 216-217.) 6 And Judah took a wife for Er, his firstborn, and her name was Tamar. 7 And Er his firstborn was evil in the eyes of the Lord, and the... Continue Reading →

“‘Strange Male Bodies'”: Poetic Explorations of Sexuality and Violence in ‘Sinister Wisdom’ and ‘Chrysalis,'” by Katherine McClain Fleming ’19

(Katherine McClain Fleming '19 wrote this as a final paper for HIS 384 Gender and Sexuality in Modern America.) “you talk of the men you will leave for each other; when you kiss your breasts touch like lips and tender... Continue Reading →

“The Search for Identity within Eve’s Hidden Second Choice,” by Sarah Levy ’19

(Sarah Levy '19 wrote this paper for HUM 218-219.) “…But to Adam in what sort Shall I appear? Shall I to him make known As yet my change, and give him to partake Full happiness with me, or rather not,... Continue Reading →


And I stood on the crevice where you used to step on, right by the squeaky spot in the floor that still whines when one moves too quickly through the halls. I stood there and watched as everything rushed inside... Continue Reading →

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