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April 2017

“Wounds Undressed: Isabella as a Personification of Catharsis in Wuthering Heights,” by Charlotte Reynders ’19

(Charlotte Reynders '19 wrote this as a paper for HUM 218-219 last spring. The paper opens with a passage from the novel Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë.) "‘I have run the whole way from Wuthering Heights!’ she continued, after a pause.... Continue Reading →


“The Banishment of Vashti,” by Jenny Kaufmann ’19

  (Jenny Kaufmann '19 wrote this poem with inspiration from the Book of Esther.)   Akhashverosh, my husband, Thou shalt not conquer me, Though Persia be thy kingdom From citadel to sea. I am no songbird cagéd, No treasure to display;... Continue Reading →

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