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October 2016

“‘Strange Male Bodies’: Poetic Explorations of Sexuality and Violence in ‘Sinister Wisdom’ and ‘Chrysalis,'” by Katherine McClain Fleming ’19

(Katherine McClain Fleming '19 wrote this as a final paper for HIS 384 Gender and Sexuality in Modern America.) “you talk of the men you will leave for each other; when you kiss your breasts touch like lips and tender... Continue Reading →


“The Search for Identity within Eve’s Hidden Second Choice,” by Sarah Levy ’19

(Sarah Levy '19 wrote this paper for HUM 218-219.) “…But to Adam in what sort Shall I appear? Shall I to him make known As yet my change, and give him to partake Full happiness with me, or rather not,... Continue Reading →


And I stood on the crevice where you used to step on, right by the squeaky spot in the floor that still whines when one moves too quickly through the halls. I stood there and watched as everything rushed inside... Continue Reading →

Semantics (An additional lecture for HIS 384), by Katherine Woolford ’19

(Katherine Woolford wrote this as a final paper for HIS 384: Gender and Sexuality in Modern America, with Professor Margot Canaday. The prompt was to create an additional lecture for a topic that was missing from the course.) Through history, marginalized groups are... Continue Reading →

“I Don’t Need a Man to Make It Happen”: Fostering a Discourse of Female Masturbation in Sex Education, by Jamie O’Leary ’19

(Jamie O'Leary wrote this paper for her Writing Seminar, "Taboo and Transgression") It is no secret that women in the United States have not attained equality. Feminists point out egregious violations of women’s rights such as unequal pay for the... Continue Reading →

“To be a woman,” by Chase Hommeyer ’19

"I don't know how much I am allowed to say. It feels like less than this, though." Chase Hommeyer '19 wrote this poem last year as the Brock Turner rape case was unfolding. Chase, thank you for your powerful words and for... Continue Reading →

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