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“Paradox and Punishment: Hysteria and Heterosexual Dynamics in Hamlet, Giselle, and Dora,” by Sara Krolewski ’18

(Sara Krolewski '18 wrote this paper for GSS 345/AMS 373 Pleasure, Power, and Profit: Race and Sexualities in a Global Era, with Professor Anne McClintock.) They are as recognizable and ubiquitous as they are simplistic, reductionist abstractions presented as mutually... Continue Reading →


“Identifiers of Identity: Cultural Appropriation of the Hijab in High Fashion,” by Madeleine Marr ’21

(Madeleine Marr '21 wrote this as a final paper for GSS 328: Gender and Sexuality in Islamic Societies with Professor Shaun Marmon.) For Gucci’s Fall 2018 Collection show, creative head Alessandro Michele presented “Cyborg,” a show broadly described as “weird” even... Continue Reading →

“An Argument Against Abstinence Until Marriage,” by Morgan Lucey ’19

(Morgan Lucey '19 wrote this paper for PHI 390: Ethics of Love and Sex with Professor Elizabeth Harman.) In the following paper, I argue that two people who want to get married should not abstain from sex until marriage.  The... Continue Reading →

“‘I’ve given myself cancer’ : An analysis of the effect of the content of Good Housekeeping on breast cancer stigma,” by Mary DeVellis ’21

(Mary DeVellis '21 wrote this as a final paper for HIS 401 American Women's History with Professor Wendy Warren.) One of the leading diseases in women’s health today, breast cancer stands as a continually popular topic for discussion in female... Continue Reading →

“Do mothers run the war?: An analysis of gendered trafficking in Boko Haram,” by Mary DeVellis ’21

(Mary DeVellis wrote this as a final paper for WRI 135.) The pop of gunshots filled the air on the night of April 14th, 2014 as Boko Haram Militants approached a government secondary school for girls in Chibok, a northern... Continue Reading →

“La edición de Sor Juana Inés,” by Mabel Félix ’20

(Mabel Félix escribió este ensayo para SPA 335.) Una de mis más grandes sorpresas al estudiar a Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, es que – a pesar de que ella fue mujer y la mayoría de sus trabajos literarios... Continue Reading →

“Understanding ‘MILFs’ and Motherfuckers: A Feminist Icon, or Constraining Archetype?” by Olivia Davis ’18

(Olivia Davis '18 wrote this paper for GSS345/AMS373 Pleasure, Power and Profit, Race and Sexualities in a Global Era with Professor Anne McClintock.) Midway through the 1960s — a decade buttoned to the chin with strict morals and conservative values informing... Continue Reading →

“What About Us? (A Manifesto)” by Nazifa Chowdhury ’20

Our identities shape the way we perceive and are perceived by the world: I am a woman so I can see the systems of patriarchy embedded in our histories, our institutions, and in our daily lived experiences. Being a woman... Continue Reading →

“The Issei Women of Hawaii: Holehole Bushi and Gender Dynamics on the Sugar Plantations,” by Natalie Stein ’21

(Natalie Stein '21 wrote this as a final paper for WRI 159, with Professor Maria Medvedeva.) If I fight with my husband I can be with you So let’s start this brawl The sooner the better[1]   When people, including Japanese... Continue Reading →

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