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“Arthur Horton’s Fight Against Coeducation at Princeton: An Unsuccessful but Crucial Battle,” by Kate Reed ’19

(Kate Reed '19 wrote this paper for FRS 131 with Professor Nancy Malkiel.) In June of 1967, the trustees of Princeton University authorized an extensive, and ultimately pivotal, study of the advisability and feasibility of undergraduate coeducation. Gardner Patterson, professor... Continue Reading →


“Eve Before Adam,” by Sofia Pauca ’21

(Sofia Pauca '21 wrote this paper for HUM 218-219. It opens with a passage from Paradise Lost.) That day I oft remember, when from sleep I first awak’d, and found myself repos’d                                                                    450 Under a shade on flowers; much wond’ring... Continue Reading →

“Why Weasels? An Exploration of the Weasel Interlude in Marie de France’s Eliduc,” by Sofia Pauca ’21

(Sofia Pauca '21 wrote this paper for HUM 216-217.) Across the floor a weasel leapt;                       1032 beneath the altar it had been; over the body it had run. The squire had hit it, knocked it down with a stick, killed... Continue Reading →

“Menstrual Regulation in Bangladesh,” by Mary DeVellis ’21

(Mary DeVellis '21 wrote this paper for GSS 324: Science After Feminism, with Professor Catherine Clune-Taylor.) Due to the pervasiveness of high maternal mortality rates and pressure from the international community to address this health concern, Bangladesh, a small, developing... Continue Reading →

“No Excuses,” by Sarah Cho ’18

(Sarah Cho '18 wrote this in response to a talk at the Brooklyn Museum on January 18, 2018 by Judy Chicago and Sarah Thornton about Chicago's The Dinner Party. The taped talk can be found here.) On Thursday, I trekked up to... Continue Reading →

“Sexual Scripts, Strategic Ambiguity, and Connection in College Students’ Hookup Discourse,” by Jamie O’Leary ’19

(Jamie O'Leary '19 wrote this paper for ANT 326, Language, Identity, Power.) The term “hookup” is central to American young adult culture: “hookup” apps like Tinder have proliferated, adults bemoan university “hookup cultures,” and “hookups” are often a staple of... Continue Reading →

“Hold It,” by Anonymous

Let's let the states decide, Donald and Betsy, where you should go to the bathroom; maybe in the Empire State or some other enlightened place they'll deny you toilet access, you'll be forced to hold it in forever, the way children of your country... Continue Reading →

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