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“Are You Really Saving Us? And Who From?” by Nazifa Chowdhury ’20

(Nazifa Chowdhury '20 wrote this as a manifesto for GSS 201 with Professor Gayle Salamon.) Some things are so tragic that you cannot tear your eyes away. You want nothing more than to look away and unsee the disaster in... Continue Reading →


“Sexist Humor – A Not-So-Funny Take on Jay Feely’s Tweet,” by Samantha Smith ’19

Prom season, a momentous time for both high school students and their adoring parents, is coming to an end. While graduation signals a literal departure from high school, prom is hailed as a ritual step into adulthood; for teenage girls in... Continue Reading →

“Paradox and Punishment: Hysteria and Heterosexual Dynamics in Hamlet, Giselle, and Dora,” by Sara Krolewski ’18

(Sara Krolewski '18 wrote this paper for GSS 345/AMS 373 Pleasure, Power, and Profit: Race and Sexualities in a Global Era, with Professor Anne McClintock.) They are as recognizable and ubiquitous as they are simplistic, reductionist abstractions presented as mutually... Continue Reading →

“Identifiers of Identity: Cultural Appropriation of the Hijab in High Fashion,” by Madeleine Marr ’21

(Madeleine Marr '21 wrote this as a final paper for GSS 328: Gender and Sexuality in Islamic Societies with Professor Shaun Marmon.) For Gucci’s Fall 2018 Collection show, creative head Alessandro Michele presented “Cyborg,” a show broadly described as “weird” even... Continue Reading →

“An Argument Against Abstinence Until Marriage,” by Morgan Lucey ’19

(Morgan Lucey '19 wrote this paper for PHI 390: Ethics of Love and Sex with Professor Elizabeth Harman.) In the following paper, I argue that two people who want to get married should not abstain from sex until marriage.  The... Continue Reading →

“‘I’ve given myself cancer’ : An analysis of the effect of the content of Good Housekeeping on breast cancer stigma,” by Mary DeVellis ’21

(Mary DeVellis '21 wrote this as a final paper for HIS 401 American Women's History with Professor Wendy Warren.) One of the leading diseases in women’s health today, breast cancer stands as a continually popular topic for discussion in female... Continue Reading →

“Do mothers run the war?: An analysis of gendered trafficking in Boko Haram,” by Mary DeVellis ’21

(Mary DeVellis wrote this as a final paper for WRI 135.) The pop of gunshots filled the air on the night of April 14th, 2014 as Boko Haram Militants approached a government secondary school for girls in Chibok, a northern... Continue Reading →

“La edición de Sor Juana Inés,” by Mabel Félix ’20

(Mabel Félix escribió este ensayo para SPA 335.) Una de mis más grandes sorpresas al estudiar a Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, es que – a pesar de que ella fue mujer y la mayoría de sus trabajos literarios... Continue Reading →

“Understanding ‘MILFs’ and Motherfuckers: A Feminist Icon, or Constraining Archetype?” by Olivia Davis ’18

(Olivia Davis '18 wrote this paper for GSS345/AMS373 Pleasure, Power and Profit, Race and Sexualities in a Global Era with Professor Anne McClintock.) Midway through the 1960s — a decade buttoned to the chin with strict morals and conservative values informing... Continue Reading →

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